Fitness Coach

Are you feeling strong now?


Fit couple


One of the toughest challenges that we have today is managing a perpetually busy schedule that is full of work and family obligations. This sometimes leaves us to do the balancing act of can I or can I not get my dose of exercise in for the day. Even if you do get to the gym the act changes to “What am I going to do when I get there”. With time being at a premium, you still need to maximize your training and be able to do it anywhere regardless of gym affiliation.

I understand that you have goals regarding your health and fitness and you may want to:

  • Look better in your clothes or without them (not judging).
  • Regain the strength and energy that you had in your earlier years with a bit of refinement.
  • Maintain your ideal shape for whatever gets thrown at you.

These things are great, but how do you make that happen?

Working with a fitness coach is a solution to helping you take all of the guesswork out of your training by helping you create a program based on your goals and the resources that you have available.

You’ll get help in the areas of:

  • Creating a training program truly based on your goals and your present state.
  • Helping to identify barriers that may hold you back from your program.
  • Helping to develop a practice to change behavior that prevent you from training.
  • Creating a food plan that is realistic and right for you.
  • Helping you work through negative self-talk to stay on track.
  • Creating a meditation practice to help you model your idea of success.
  • Accountability to yourself.

You will be stronger from the INSIDE OUT

How does coaching help?

Number one…work with a fitness coach will help you get our of your own way. Through a collaborative effort you will know exactly what you should be doing. You pick the goal and we will work together to construct a program that is sound for you…I’ll provide the techniques and planning…you will provide the schedule, the accountability statement to the process, ways to remove barriers, and the resources necessary to make that happen.

You’ll have an advocate to work through any necessary adjustments to your program. Part of being successful is making the plan so simple to follow and execute that making improvements is “easy”