The Process

The coaching process will start with a consultation in which we sit down for a Skype call (or in person) and decide whether or not we are a good fit for one another. If we mutually agree that we are not a fit, I’ll provide resources to help you get on the right track. There is no obligation for this, but this feeling our process is important if we are going to have a working relationship with one another.

This is the time to talk about your short, mid and long-term goals and it would also be a good time to become familiar with a few of the training methods so that you feel comfortable about the activities you’ll be involved in. Our goal for that conversation will be to help you to establish a focused goal and to talk about options of the path to get there.



After this initial meeting we will go through some physical assessments to create the basis for your mobility and stability work in your training program, as well as the appropriate strength training and cardio exercises. This is all based on your likes, needs, as well as access. Next, through a bit of direct questioning we’ll find out your superpowers and your values to help you find actionable solutions to your barriers.

We’ll move forward by designing your training program complete with exercises, progressions, and access to wo_calendarinstructional videos. To make sure that you are training optimally, I will also do video analysis to give feedback on your movement as well as to answer any questions. Based on you your goals we will also have 1-2 Skype calls per month to go over some behavior change techniques and commit to some of the solutions to barriers that were outlined in the initial consult. You will check in at least once a week to let me know the difficulty and what you were able to get done.

Ultimately the goal is to help you move forward with your training program resistance free. A big part of that relationship is accountability and we’ll have tools in place to make sure that we’re accountable to one another.

Or simply:

You provide the goals, vision, and mutually agreed upon solutions for your obstacles…I provide the structure and the programming. You do the work. We’ll check in with one another to make sure that it is happening as planned.

Coaching requires the deepest commitment:

Together we are going to carve out the path that is best for you and puts your goals to the forefront of your mind. It’s up to you to execute the plan. I can only give you the template and a gentle push when needed. You will have to act and make your training a part of your schedule and you’ll have to play with and learn to shape many of our drills to your needs. You’ll also need to bring the “sticktoitness”. 

I will help you to create a path and realize your goals in ways that are important to you.


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The coaching process is not meant to diagnose or treat physical or mental health issues. However we can work with your provider to ensure that all of our interventions are supportive.